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England is Mine


In Theaters August 25! Click here for Theater Dates

Steven, better known to most as Morrissey, frontman of ​iconic band The Smiths, is a restless young man struggling to escape his working class roots. He dreams of being in a band, writing music and flying clear of the daily grind.

“Perfectly captures the enigma behind indie’s greatest icon, Morrissey” – Shortlist
One evening lurking in the shadows at a gig he meets Linder: artistic​, literate, intelligent, she is all he sees in himself. They fast become confidants, his courage and sense of purpose increasing day by day. Suddenly a chance encounter with guitarist Billy leads to a first gig. But Billy and Linder cannot support Steven forever, each making their own escape to the bright lights of London. Can Steven find his own path and find an England of his own?

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DIrector Gill, who also wrote the screenplay (with William Thacker), burst onto the international film scene with his 2011 short film, “The Voorman Problem,” which earned him an Academy Award-nomination for Best Live Action short, as well as a BAFTA nomination. Lowden, whose stage work has already earned him the UK’s highest honor, the Olivier Award, will soon be seen in Christopher Nolan’s eagerly anticipated “Dunkirk,” and also numbers among his credits such films as “A United Kigdom” and “’71.” Since capturing, and breaking, hearts as Lady Sybil in the smash success “Downton Abbey,” Brown Findlay has also been seen in “Winter’s Tale,” “The Riot Club” and “Victor Frankenstein.” Baldwin Li, Gill’s producer and fellow “Voorman” Oscar-nominee, produced ENGLAND IS MINE along with Orian Williams, producer of Anton Corbijn’s “Control,” the multi-award-winning biopic of Ian Curtis and the band Joy Division.

8 Assassins

In Theaters August 28-31 @7:30pm

Laemmle’s Music Hall 3
9036 Wilshire Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA 90211
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8 Assassins is a modern day fairy tale that follows the journey of Amir, an anti-social thief, who makes a living by robbing banks.

Following one bank robbery gone horribly wrong, Amir steals his associates’ loot and flees to the desert, where he takes refuge in the remote village of the tyrannical Sharkan where to his dismay he’s shunned and immediately sent to the jails of Sharkan’s Kasbah. It’s here, where he meets the wise and cunning Shahin, head of the oldest and most prestigious desert tribes.

This strange encounter in the middle of nowhere between Amir – the outlaw with no virtue nor hopes of aspiring to be anything but a criminal – and the revered tribal head Shahin, change both of their lives forever, revealing the true heroic nature hibernating within Amir that’s unleashed with a vengeance in the climactic and explosive ending!

Premieres August 28-31, 2017
Laemmle’s Music Hall
9036 Wilshire Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA 90211

8 Assassins

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